Creativity Challenge Day 1

Creativity Challenge 1

The Challenge here is to use your creative talent to bring light into the current distress in the world around you, in whatever form that talent takes. Please remember that we are reaching out to a world that is facing upheaval and possibly a great number of changes. Let us reach out to that world and bring it the lessons we have learned by becoming artists and writers.  You may use images, photos, music, poetry, prose, short story fiction, personal essay, or whatever suits you best. I will post one word a day, adding a few of my own thoughts about the word. The rest is up to you. You may post as many times as you like, and may use old or new pieces, as you choose. When you have finished creating your post, return here and leave the URL in the comments section below. Then post it to whatever social media you are involved with. If you are not connected to some form of social media, consider joining one now. If not, say so when you post, and I will attempt to post it on mine, which is Facebook.

Word for Today


Fear is a hard-wired element of the faculty of intuition. There to warn the individual of possible threat, and to help him/her to make one of only two choices: Run like hell, or stand and face the unknown. Fear is the very real sense of a lack of a safe place, or of our ability to function in whatever place we are currently in. Our world is in a state of shock, since Trump’s election. We are a voice in that world. We have found both comfort and healing in our creative endeavors. Now is the time to offer what we have learned by following that creative path.


Tell of your own fear. Describe it and why it exists, how it feels, and makes you feel and act. Share an incident from your own life when you faced off with fear, and explain how you dealt with it. Is it appropriate for this time and place? What does the face of fear look like? Does it have a sound, a smell, taste, a physical feel? What did you learn from the experience, and has it helped you find a new and different sense of yourself?


This is a digital painting, an accident that occurred while I was playing with different effects in my paint program.

Staring Into The Future Digital Painting by Elizabeth Crawford

Staring Into The Future
Digital Painting
Elizabeth Crawford

Suggestions for reading:

Gavin Debecker – The Gift of Fear

No Place for Self-Pity, No Room for Fear: Toni Morrison on the Artist’s Task in Troubled Times







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  2. 1sojournal says:

    Another suggestion: I just put the word “fear” into my search engine on my blog, and found several posts I’d forgotten about. You might want to do the same.



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  4. Thank you, Elizabeth. This is the first piece I’ve written for my blog in quite some time. I appreciate the prompt, and will be here when I can. ❤


  5. Sherry Marr says:

    It feels good to be writing through this passage, trying to find some light in a dismal situation. Thank you, Elizabeth for issuing the call. Here is mine.


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