Lake Michigan




4 Responses to Lake Michigan

  1. Wonderful – did you create this one too? I imagine the great lakes are huge enough to seem like being by the sea……….


  2. 1sojournal says:

    Yes, it is one of mine, and actually a mistake, lol. I was trying to do a pen and ink drawing, stopped for a moment to have a drink of water and spilled it on the sketchbook. Luckily, I had a paint brush in my purse and used it to “wash” the ink that was seeping on the page. Never finished the sketch, but have always liked the rightness I found in the wrong I had done, lol.

    PS I lived about a mile from the shoreline and spent a lot of time there soaking up the varied emotional faces the lake wore on any given day. And yes, it certainly felt like the sea.


  3. pmwanken says:

    Lovely! I lived four blocks from Lake Michigan for a while, in Chicago’s North Shore. I miss that, now that Iive in the South.



    • Elizabeth says:


      I actually did get to the ocean at one point, several years ago. Visited an online friend near San Francisco. We spent one whole wonderful afternoon beach combing and I found many beautiful things to bring home with me. But, it all felt familiar because of living near Lake Michigan. Now I live close to the Bay so my need of a shoreline existence remains steady and fulfilled. Thanks for stopping in,



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