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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here:

One of the Good Things

  This is MacArthur, my dog from many years ago. I got him when he was about seven weeks old. Found him in a newspaper ad. He was one of four in a litter of pups. He was a tri-colored … Continue reading

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Posted for Sunday’s Whirligig Words: kind, bridge, starshine, something, model, except, clay, kill, made, myself, hand, failed SpiderInk Want to make it clear, right here at the beginning. I have never killed anyone. I have done away with some … Continue reading

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In the Roundness of Things

In The Roundness of Things Have often wondered if she, this woman who comes to sit, leaning back against my trunk, knees bent so that she can write her words, knows how much we have in common. She wonders, at … Continue reading

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A Theory

What is a theory? I went to the dictionary and found six different definitions, but all of them similar. So, I chose two to use here: A wordy one: “proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural and subject to experimentation, … Continue reading

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Something About An Ongoing Affair

I write both prose and poetry. When I was in college, we were often warned that a writer must choose the manner in which he/she might explore that skill. We were told that we must choose to write either prose … Continue reading

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Writing and Memory

Writing and Memory   Although I was looking for an image to introduce the topic about which I wanted to write, this is the one that made most sense to me. I hesitated to use it because I’d used it … Continue reading

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Marking the Space

  Marking The Space   Okay, I’m back here again because I promised myself that I would write prose at least once a week, instead of thinking about it, and never really doing it. But, par for the course, now … Continue reading

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I claim no copyrights to these words or this music. Hello? Near the end of March, I was approached by three female poets, and asked if I would join them for National Poetry Month, writing a poem a day for … Continue reading

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Cloud Factories

Received an unintentional wake-up call from my granddaughter yesterday. Yes, I’ve been missing in action here, for some time now. Lots of physical issues, doctors appointments, new routines and medications, other family members hospitalized, as well as the psychological and … Continue reading

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Apologies and Other Thoughts

First things, first. My apologies for not having been here for a while. I got involved in other things, then let the time slip away. In April, I decided to try to do NaPoWriMo, which is a poem a day … Continue reading

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