Creativity Challenge Day 2

Creativity Challenge 2

The Challenge here is to use your creative talent to bring light into the current distress in the world around you, in whatever form that talent takes. Please remember that we are reaching out to a world that is facing upheaval and possibly a great number of changes. Let us reach out to that world and bring it the lessons we have learned by becoming artists and writers.  You may use images, photos, music, poetry, prose, short story fiction, personal essay, or whatever suits you best. I will post one word a day, adding a few of my own thoughts about the word. The rest is up to you. You may post as many times as you like, and may use old or new pieces, as you choose. When you have finished creating your post, return here and leave the URL in the comments section below. Then post it to whatever social media you are involved with. If you are not connected to some form of social media, consider joining one now. If not, say so when you post, and I will attempt to post it on mine, which is Facebook.

Word for Today


I chose this word because love is what conquers and diminishes fear. Love is a warm hug, a gentle breeze that dispels the dank dark clouds of fear that arise on any horizon. I also chose it for very personal reasons. Yesterday, Rosemary Nissen-Wade, put up a meme on Facebook, telling her friends there, that if they simply liked her post, she would tell them what she liked about each of them. She got an avalanche of responses, and true to her word, she responded personally to each one. Hard work and more than likely, exhausting. But it was truly miraculous and marvelous to watch it all unfold.  But, then I got to my own name. And my whole day was altered in a way that Rosemary couldn’t possibly have known. It went from dark fear and dread, to incredible bright light and a clear mind that allowed me to finish my final post for yesterday’s challenge. One I am more than pleased with, by the way. It was a beautiful gift of love that Rosemary gave to each of us personally.


If at all possible, I would suggest that we all try to do the same. Perhaps keeping our praise to one or two words, images, wonderful music. It amazed me how many individuals lined up to hear Rosemary’s positive words. And it only spoke to me of the need we each must own for that kind of compassion, especially in this current atmosphere. Again, you are free to express your thoughts and feelings in whatever form you choose. And you are not limited to the number of posts you put up. Remember, we are reaching out to a world that needs to know it is loved and cherished.


RSCN1260 +1

Reading Inspiration:

Poetry, especially that of your favorite poet.

An excerpt from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran






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  3. Sumana Roy says:

    scribbled a few words for you Elizabeth. Here’s my link:


  4. Susan says:

    “Fallout as Red as Blood”
    (I love reading your prompts. I was one who didn’t get in line for Rosemary’s love. Musing on why.)


  5. Sherry Marr says:

    Here’s mine, friends. It is a stretch to think this will work on the old die-hards, but the younger generation has a pretty good grasp of it. Smiles.


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