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NaPoWriMo Day 3

NaPoWriMo: Day 3 This time I’m going to be selfish. For the past nine months I have only written one poem a week, using two different word lists. They are posted at my poetry site on Sunday morning. I don’t … Continue reading

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Wordplay #26 The Last One

  Wordplay #26  Zaftig zaf-tig> full-figured: with a full-figured body What can she say, she’s a wordaholic. Made her way, one day at a time, from A to Z without a skip. Had thought exercise was supposed to slim, but finds … Continue reading

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Wordplay #25

  Wordplay #25  Yegg yegg> burgler, especially a safe cracker (slang) Had to laugh, she was a word yegg. Each day, cracking open safe of common dictionary, finding, then stealing away to explore and use the treasures to be had … Continue reading

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Wordplay #24

  Wordplay #24  Xyloid xy-loid> relating to wood: relating to or resembling wood She definitely prefers xyloid surfaces, like her desk where she sits to write. They seem warmer and more inviting to her, more natural. Elizabeth Crawford  5/25/11

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Wordplay #23

  Wordplay #23  Wallah wal-lah> responsible for something: somebody in charge of something or associated with a particular service or occupation. from Hindi-wala  from Sanskrit pala = protector Fancies that each and every writer is a word wallah, holding an … Continue reading

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Wordplay #22

  Wordplay #22  Vagile va-gile>  capable of moving around: able to move around within a certain environment. No longer physically agile, she retains a certain mental vagility with words and language, taking what she needs, while knowing she can return … Continue reading

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Wordplay #21

  Wordplay #21  Ubiety u-bi-e-ty> location: condition of existing in a specific place She lives her life in ubiety of words, liquid language spilling from her lips in ever persistent flow. Elizabeth Crawford  5/22/11

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Wordplay #20

  Wordplay #20  Tabaret tab-a-ret> striped upholstery fabric: hard-wearing fabric with alternate satin and watered silk stripes. Use: upholstery Strong Cloth Existence Senses that her life is stitched together like tabaret fabric. Periods of smooth moments, spent with others who … Continue reading

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Wordplay #19

  Wordplay #19  Sabulous sab-u-lous> sandy: having a gritty texture like sand Words are fabulous, unless they become sabulous, finding errant way into delicate folds of thought process, refusing to be brushed away. Elizabeth Crawford  5/20/11

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Wordplay #18

  Wordplay #18 Risible ris-i-ble> Ludicrous: causing or capable of causing laughter Just the thought was risible: that she might one day hang up the words, walk away and never use them again. Elizabeth Crawford  5/19/11

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