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Color Therapy

This space has been calling me for several days, but I’ve managed, until now, to ignore its constant whisper. I was busy doing some color therapy. Having finished the Creativity Challenge, I wanted away from words. During the Challenge, I … Continue reading

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Writer’s Island Prompt #9, “If Only”

  Circling Flashbacks Ah yes, those famous “If Only’s.” Vultures that visit in loneliness of after midnight hours, trip mind, pecking to find thickening shadows, actually cramp bowels of a darkness long past, dragging out ugly clothes of yesterday in … Continue reading

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That Old Telephone Game

We used to play it all the time. We’d all sit in a circle. One person would begin by whispering in the ear of the person next to her. Just a few phrases, maybe a fact or two. Then that … Continue reading

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