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Rebirth 3

So, how does an individual like myself, with such a poor self-image, even begin to think of becoming a writer, no less? I didn’t just wake up one morning and make that decision. There were a lot of steps involved … Continue reading

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Posted for Sunday’s Whirligig http://sundayswhirligig.blogspot.com/2019/06/whirligig-217.html Words: kind, bridge, starshine, something, model, except, clay, kill, made, myself, hand, failed SpiderInk Want to make it clear, right here at the beginning. I have never killed anyone. I have done away with some … Continue reading

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Writing and Memory

Writing and Memory   Although I was looking for an image to introduce the topic about which I wanted to write, this is the one that made most sense to me. I hesitated to use it because I’d used it … Continue reading

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Marking the Space

  Marking The Space   Okay, I’m back here again because I promised myself that I would write prose at least once a week, instead of thinking about it, and never really doing it. But, par for the course, now … Continue reading

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Matriarchy and the Matter of Bias

“Matriarchy has often been presented as negative, in contrast to Patriarchy as natural and inevitable for society, thus that matriarchy is hopeless. Love and Shanklin wrote: When we hear the word “matriarchy”, we are conditioned to a number of responses: … Continue reading

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A Bonfire Celebration

Have been here, several times, but couldn’t collect my thoughts enough to write anything. That happens at times. And is usually depressing on some level. However, this time it wasn’t. I’m still teaching online, and working my way through my … Continue reading

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Self-Talk #1

Okay, what’s the problem? I’m not sure if there is a problem. Well, that’s not true. There is a problem. I want to create a post here, but I seem to be making nothing but mud. Is there something wrong … Continue reading

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Creativity Zendala

I haven’t been around for a while. Have been doing other things, mainly repeat pattern drawing. Have been taking part in a site called Line Weaving, located here http://lineweaving.com/forums/index.php Cindy, the Fearless Leader at the site, offers us challenges to … Continue reading

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More Than One Fork In This Road

for Writer’s Island prompt #10  Fork in the road http://writersisland.wordpress.com I have said that someday I might actually post one of my daily journal pages here. Today is the day. Oh, and by the way, I do not write fiction. I … Continue reading

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Safe Haven in The Swampland

  Yesterday, I experienced the highest high and the lowest low in the past ten years of my existence. Then today, as will happen with the best laid plans, one link in the plan changed, the rest dropped to the floor with … Continue reading

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