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Rebirth 4

This song has been playing hide and seek with me for over a week. Bits of memory flashing inside my head. But never quite enough to actually help me to identify the song. Like a female student, more my age, … Continue reading

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Rebirth I

  This song haunted me for weeks, day in and day out, about six months ago. I pasted it here so I could easily listen to it, whenever I wanted to do so. I have no idea how many times … Continue reading

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Post Day for Musical Notes: Prompt #3

Post Day for Musical Notes: Prompt #3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtwUyDPXROQ&feature=related You may post your poetic response of fifteen words or less, by leaving your URL in the comment section below. If you do not have a blog, you may post your response … Continue reading

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Small Stone #6

Swear, when I found her, she was singing, “I’m so pretty, oh so pretty…”

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Daily Stone #20

Sometimes the simplest things are the most satisfying, bringing an unexpected depth of peace. Elizabeth Crawford  10/24/11 Note: A song has been running through my head for several days. It speaks of seeking out those simple things. You can listen to it … Continue reading

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Journey Stone #47

Journey Stone #47  Song Words set to music usually with a hook that sets deep, so that one finds self humming it for days after hearing it. Each life is a song, has individual rhythms to which it moves, often expressed through … Continue reading

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Making Little Bird Memories

This Little Bird By John D Loudermilk There’s a little bird that somebody sends Down to the earth to live on the wind Born on the wind and she sleeps on the wind This little bird that somebody sends She’s … Continue reading

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