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Something About An Ongoing Affair

I write both prose and poetry. When I was in college, we were often warned that a writer must choose the manner in which he/she might explore that skill. We were told that we must choose to write either prose … Continue reading

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I claim no copyrights to these words or this music. Hello? Near the end of March, I was approached by three female poets, and asked if I would join them for National Poetry Month, writing a poem a day for … Continue reading

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Flutters of Change

For the most part, I write poetry. But, there are always those spaces of time, like now, when I want, and even need, more than form and structure. Want to spread out, explore more than one specific theme, thought, or … Continue reading

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Lost And Found

As you might know, from the last time I was here, I am working on a poetry manuscript with a definite deadline. Have completed two-thirds of said manuscript, but when trying to line up a list of poems for the … Continue reading

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In My Own Words

  I now have my hard drive, from my old computer, transferred into this new computer. Have the poetry manuscript I was working on before my life exploded and I moved into these new digs. Have been working on it … Continue reading

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Suggestions For Earth Day Posting

Attention: Artists, Poets, and Writers Suggestions For Earth Day Postings As promised, I have gathered a few suggestions for postings to meet the Earth Day challenge to speak for our Mother Earth. Images: with or without accompanying words: Example:  https://1sojournal.wordpress.com/2011/06/03/mandala-stone-3/Continue reading

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Journey Stone #27

  Journey Stone #27  Poetry Soul songs sung in celebration of life examined closely, explored with courage and honesty, while being lived fully.  Elizabeth Crawford  2/27/11

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Learning List

I did something this morning that I haven’t done for a long time. When I was teaching, I created what I called Journey Stones. They were polymer clay in lots of variegated colors, flattened into somewhat round shapes, and each … Continue reading

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Following The Words

When I write, I usually begin with a vague idea, put down the first words that come into my head, then simply follow them wherever they lead me, or choose to go. I think I first came across that concept in a … Continue reading

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Pulling Strings and Darning Socks

  This past week I pulled one of those strings. You know, the kind that suddenly appear when you are out, or busy, and you impulsively reach out and grab to break it off so it won’t stick out anymore? … Continue reading

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