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And Then There’s All That Digging To Be Done

9/26/1994 According to Natalie Goldberg you need to clear away the garbage and get to the third or fourth level thoughts, or what I refer to as primal thought. The fresh stuff with new perspective and genuine creative flavor. Primal … Continue reading

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A Beginning

When you take care of something, it lives a long time. Katagiri Roshi in the Introduction of Wild Mind: Living The Writer’s Life by Natalie Goldberg. I stopped writing six months ago. It is far easier than one might think. … Continue reading

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Bridge Over The River Soul

  Each of them is a doorway that will lead you inside of yourself. Each one is an invitation to explore a little more of the puzzle that is you, by writing down your thoughts, responses and feelings. They stand … Continue reading

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Following The Words

When I write, I usually begin with a vague idea, put down the first words that come into my head, then simply follow them wherever they lead me, or choose to go. I think I first came across that concept in a … Continue reading

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In Other’s Words

The material for this book was collected from nature at great personal risk by the author. (Helen Rowland) I have a hobby. I collect quotes. Being a veracious reader, I have a tendency to underline meaningful statements in the books … Continue reading

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