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The Why of It

I write because I really like to do that, and for numerous other reasons. In grade school, when learning how to shape and form letters into words, it was simply the appointed curriculum I had to do in order to … Continue reading

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About Those Mis-Takes

The banner on this blog is a mistake, an accident. I was attempting to do pen and ink sketching in nature. I was somewhere in my mid-forties and wanted to learn some of the things I hadn’t while in high … Continue reading

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A Brief Tribute To Viv

  A Brief Tribute to Viv I have four blogs. Two supposedly for poetry, the other two for prose. I am working on the last and final section of my poetic memoir, but it’s difficult. It concerns the last eight … Continue reading

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Lost And Found

Believe it or not, I’m still sorting through all that old poetry. Lots of memories, and yes, a few pieces I have no memory of ever writing. Recognize the handwriting, but nothing else. Many of the poems take me back … Continue reading

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Journey Stone #55

  Journey Stone #55  Learning Moving through each moment, alive to information the senses feed us. Incorporating that with all that we already know, then stepping into the next moment. Never-ending process. Can be both rewarding and confusing, unless we … Continue reading

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Learning List

I did something this morning that I haven’t done for a long time. When I was teaching, I created what I called Journey Stones. They were polymer clay in lots of variegated colors, flattened into somewhat round shapes, and each … Continue reading

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Jump In Anytime

  I’ve had a very busy couple of days. Responding to prompts, visiting and commenting on other people’s responses to the same prompts, and then reading and responding to the comments left on my own sites. I’ve also been out … Continue reading

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