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Color Therapy

This space has been calling me for several days, but I’ve managed, until now, to ignore its constant whisper. I was busy doing some color therapy. Having finished the Creativity Challenge, I wanted away from words. During the Challenge, I … Continue reading

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Thank You Richard and Kelley Walker

I really like the Internet. This is a photo from friends I have never met personally. They put up some photos of an afternoon spent at Half Moon Bay. I thought the photos were particularly stunning and asked permission to … Continue reading

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Flutters of Change

For the most part, I write poetry. But, there are always those spaces of time, like now, when I want, and even need, more than form and structure. Want to spread out, explore more than one specific theme, thought, or … Continue reading

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Stone Birds of Hope

Still working on my manuscript in bits and pieces, but also involved in other things. My niece has been posting photographs of her garden and backyard. I, of course, have to play with all of those colors. Today, I found … Continue reading

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One Creative Process

I have recently been trying to catalog my extensive files of templates. In the course of doing so, I have found a mountain of images that are only bare bone beginnings. In other words, they need more work. At the … Continue reading

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Story of a Doodle

Several years ago, I became interested in color and lines. Began creating what I called doodles, for lack of a better term. I bought some Sharpie colored pens and started playing, using repeat patterns, then mixing them up. They turned … Continue reading

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Same Design, Different Images

I’ve been sharing some of the kaleidoscope images I make digitally. Even after a design has been colored, I’ll play with it a bit more. Although I didn’t know what I wanted to do with this one, I liked the … Continue reading

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