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As a writer, I collect words. Going so far as to receive a new word, in my mailbox each day, from Dictionary.Com. I do that because they are not common words, not the stuff of everyday usage. I actually enjoy … Continue reading

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Finding A New Way

This is a pen and ink sketch, I did many, many years ago. It isn’t a particularly good piece of work, but I’ve kept it because it reminds me of many things. Mainly about how difficult it can be to … Continue reading

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Creativity Challenge Day 28

 Creativity Challenge 28 The Challenge here is to use your creative talent to bring light into the current distress in the world around you, in whatever form that talent takes. Please remember that we are reaching out to a world … Continue reading

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Flutters of Change

For the most part, I write poetry. But, there are always those spaces of time, like now, when I want, and even need, more than form and structure. Want to spread out, explore more than one specific theme, thought, or … Continue reading

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On Butterfly Feet

Butterflies have become the symbol of change, of metamorphosis. Their wings represent the four stages that occur in the process of transformation. The first stage is the egg. This is a period of nurture for growth and taking on form. … Continue reading

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Journey Stone #26

  Journey Stone #26  Image Picture created by words on a page. Sometimes a poem, a definition, other times a thought, or a whole train of them, moving on a track that wends its way through this life I improvise … Continue reading

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A Christmas Wish For You

  Home-made Christmas card, please click on the image to enlarge and read it.      All of my gifts are hand-made this year, so colored this and wrote the greeting to all who happen to click here. Found the image … Continue reading

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