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Jump In Anytime

  I’ve had a very busy couple of days. Responding to prompts, visiting and commenting on other people’s responses to the same prompts, and then reading and responding to the comments left on my own sites. I’ve also been out … Continue reading

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About Those Questions

  Although this blog has been concentrated recently on the new Q and A format I am trying in my journal, the comments I have received seem to be about the nature of the questions I am posing to myself … Continue reading

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A Not So Brief Challenge

This is a meme, a writing prompt, an exercise I have found on several blog cites lately. Each one is distinctly different because it is flavored with the individual’s own voice and honesty. It fascinates me, and so I brought … Continue reading

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Brief Challenge

I have company coming this morning, a friend I haven’t seen in over a year. So, instead of writing my usual verbose blog, I am sending out a challenge. Can you tell me, in three sentences or less, how you … Continue reading

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