Lake Michigan




7 Responses to Lake Michigan

  1. Wonderful – did you create this one too? I imagine the great lakes are huge enough to seem like being by the sea……….


  2. 1sojournal says:

    Yes, it is one of mine, and actually a mistake, lol. I was trying to do a pen and ink drawing, stopped for a moment to have a drink of water and spilled it on the sketchbook. Luckily, I had a paint brush in my purse and used it to “wash” the ink that was seeping on the page. Never finished the sketch, but have always liked the rightness I found in the wrong I had done, lol.

    PS I lived about a mile from the shoreline and spent a lot of time there soaking up the varied emotional faces the lake wore on any given day. And yes, it certainly felt like the sea.


  3. pmwanken says:

    Lovely! I lived four blocks from Lake Michigan for a while, in Chicago’s North Shore. I miss that, now that Iive in the South.



    • Elizabeth says:


      I actually did get to the ocean at one point, several years ago. Visited an online friend near San Francisco. We spent one whole wonderful afternoon beach combing and I found many beautiful things to bring home with me. But, it all felt familiar because of living near Lake Michigan. Now I live close to the Bay so my need of a shoreline existence remains steady and fulfilled. Thanks for stopping in,



  4. This is beautiful, mistake or not! I have lived near the bay/lake my entire life. I was drawn to it because of the Lake Michigan name. I live on Lake Erie (neighbors) and take my developmentally adult client with autism to various Lake and bay locations 2 times per week. You are very talented and at first I thought this was a photo!

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    • 1sojournal says:

      Thank you very much, Diane…I really appreciate that. The image was created years ago, in another life, so to speak. I had a friend who was a professional visual artist, and wanted to write, so we sort of swapped places, teaching one another what each of us knew best. She had been encouraging me to get out and do some life drawing. The shoreline was one of my favorite places, so I went there. Not with any great deal of hope, I might add. I’ve been dabbling with visual arts for most of my existence, but writing took center stage at some point. Drawing, sketching, and painting, have always been a form of play for me, that place where I can recede, get still, and just enjoy the moment. Although I thoroughly enjoy the work of writing, there really is a different mindset involved in the two activities, and I like taking advantage of both.


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