I created this blog almost ten years ago, in 2008. And if you take a look through its archives, you will find an assortment of essays, written by me, on numerous different topics, but a majority of them are about writing on a regular basis. Making notes on ones personal experiences, and how one can learn a great deal from engaging in such a practice.

Today, I want to do something different. I have been having some difficulty writing here. I addressed that in my last post about the long-term affects of abuse. Writing it all out did help. But then I realized a few things, as well.

First of all, I finished teaching an online, year-long class about writing ones story. A journey of tremendous undertaking. Then immediately went into a downward spiral about what should follow. And have been dithering around about that ever since. When I finally decided what it was I really wanted to address (something concerning Women’s Issues), it occurred to me that it is incredibly timely at this juncture of the human story. Should I keep it in a closed classroom with a small number of women, or open it up to a wider audience? And just how might I go about doing that?

First of all, I started making notes, a simple outline. I taught the stuff about twenty-five years ago, but it remains clearer in my mind than any other class I taught at that time, actually, any class I ever taught. However, that doesn’t make me an expert. Far from it. I had the freedom, back then, to teach whatever I chose, and it was always about my own experiences and what I had learned by reading and writing. I would always mention the books where I had gathered those ideas. So, I went looking for the one book I could clearly remember using for this topic. Couldn’t find it. I’ve moved a few times since those teaching years, and it has obviously been lost. I searched online, but again, too much time has passed, and I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Given that reality, I realized that I couldn’t really teach the class, or so I thought. Then it occurred to me that I could just share the information here. These pages and posts are my personal opinion, nothing more. They explain how I came to know what I know, and am the creature I have become.

So, this is a beginning. The first in a series of posts (have no idea how many) about a subject I studied in great detail, simply because it interested me, but then brought me a great deal of knowledge and understanding about myself, my own experience, and that of the many women who inhabit my world. It is about myth, but a certain set of myths. It is about how myths are made, and of what they are made, and why they have such a deep effect on how we come to view our world, and our very lives, and our place in that world.

I will suggest other posts that you might want to read, perhaps even a poem or two. I enjoy comments, and will endeavor to respond to whatever thoughts or questions you, the reader, might choose to share. And that begins now. This is a post I wrote several months ago. Although it came out of my personal experience, and has a bit of political flavor, what is important here, are the thoughts about the matriarchy which held sway before the patriarchy that conquered it, and how that conquering took place. Please read it:

Thanks for reading.

Elizabeth Crawford 3/8/2018

Notes: Image is a digital painting that came about as I was playing with colors. It is titled, “Prayer At Dawn.”

I’ve been holding onto this draft, still dithering, lol, but today is International Women’s Day, and suddenly, I knew it was time.





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6 Responses to Beginning

  1. annell4 says:

    Elizabeth I did have time to read through this blog. But will come back soon for more. Thanks.

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  2. Sherry Marr says:

    No better day to begin this journey than on International Women’s Day, my friend. I just posted a poem from last year in its honour. I am happy to begin yet another journey with you, as you have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are a very skilled teacher. I look forward to where we will go in the coming months. Your post about trump was good to re-read. If anything, he is even worse than we could have imagined. The scary thing is how many still support him, which indicates a pathology that needs healing. We are seeing a small right wing response even here in Canada, because when someone makes this kind of behaviour okay, there are those who will copycat. We address and try to contain it. But it is dismaying to see any of this leaking across the border.

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    • 1sojournal says:

      Sherry, it is distressing to see it leak anywhere. But, I also see it as a sign of fear stemming from an organized women’s movement that is finally willing to speak out about the abuses of a male-dominant society. That is not to say that women haven’t spoken up before, but most often that has resulted in a “blame the victim” knee-jerk reaction. Those voices, now, are being heard as never before. And although those stories are difficult to hear and read, they are the beginning of a long overdue healing. But, there is so much more to be done and accomplished. It is good to remember that violence, even if it is no more than words, is a response to fear.



  3. I read this article and the earlier one about your own abuse experience and your thoughts on Donald Trump. It is very sad that in the 21st century we are still facing such division and hatred in our society. Most women have had some or other negative experience with a male including me. Luckily, in my case I reacted very fast and the man came off second best.

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    • 1sojournal says:

      Hi Robbie, and thanks for reading both pieces. And you are correct: most women have had such experiences. I believe that is more than sad. It is just plain wrong. And in the silence, encouraged by society, it has somehow become almost accepted as a reality of being born female, whether it is in the work place, or ones personal life. That is, to some extent, why I am choosing to explore some of its history. I want to open up a conversation about it, and hopefully enhance, not only some understanding, but the beginning of a healing process that is long overdue. Thanks again for joining in the conversation,



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