Fire and Water

Am up to my ears in ink, kaleidoscope photo prints,

coloring templates,

colored and not,

bonfire kaleidoscopes,

and Black Gold photo designs.

Don’t really know if I’m treading water (never did get passed the doggie paddle), or running from the fire of my own creative urges. Having committed myself to this Art Show, I am now lost in the sheer volume, and amount of things I have done while “playing.”

Because all of these images were made because I was having fun, exploring, and trying to see where all of it would go. But now, I have to make choices. What to take, what to leave out? What will sell? Just because I like something, doesn’t mean others will do the same. And, of course, as I’m trying to make those choices, other ideas start popping up and I end up making even more images. Like the bonfire image above. Couldn’t resist trying a bit of distortion and this is where it took me.

I like both of the images, but I have only so many I can choose. So, I find myself moving between treading water, and running from the fire I myself have created.

I work on it everyday, telling myself it will all come together somehow. I have at least one month to get it together. And, at this point, I don’t know if that together is me, or the images. I’ve even considered going out and finding a perfect stranger. Hauling him, or her, back here and letting them make the decisions.

I’d like to ask my sister, but she is recovering from wrist surgery, and getting her own things together. She did come, one afternoon, with a box full of frames that I might want to use to showcase a few of the prints. Just another set of choices to be made. Tried to enlist my helper’s advice, but she just shook her head and said, “You are the Artistic one here, and I know nothing. ”

So, I’m on my own, all because I really enjoy dabbling in color, and making unusual things. I’m pretty sure I knew that to begin with, but resistance is a cornerstone of any creative endeavor. We resist because we are afraid. Will we, and our creations, find acceptance? I also know the answer to that one. Won’t know until I put them out there and give them a chance. So, I guess I have to jump into the fire and find out.

Which only reminds me of this:




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3 Responses to Fire and Water

  1. LOL, sounds like you have quite a creative conflagration going……decide how many you must choose. Maybe ask the woman who comes in to help you to say which she likes best. But there must be some you are especially pleased with – those go into the frames. Wish I was there, we’d make short work of it……….

    Glad I could make you laugh. And I did ask my helper. She said “No.” She’ll help me put the coloring booklets together, move stuff around, get them ready for transport, and help in that fashion only. Which is major, all by itself. And I doubt you and I would do all that much better. We’d spend the time yakking, telling stories, and chortling, I’m sure. Nope, I’m the one who said I’d do it, now I have to do it.



  2. catterel says:

    Oh the hardships of making choices! All those look gorgeous. And I love that version of Ring of Fire. Thank you.

    Hi Catterel, and thanks for stopping and commenting. Glad you like the images, and just hope someone will want to pay money for a few of them. I really wasn’t paying attention to how many of them I had. Too busy playing, lol. But, writing is my way of working out my own thoughts and feelings. Thus, this post. Writing about those feelings allowed me to get a better perspective on what I am doing. Actually let me settle down a bit and find a path through all of it.

    Although, I love me some Johnny Cash, on occasion, I also really like a-Capella, and this group, Home Free, and Pentatonix are my favorites. My oldest daughter introduced me to them.



  3. Your artwork is all lovely, Elizabeth. I love the flame/fire one – it is very unique.

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