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This space has been calling me for several days, but I’ve managed, until now, to ignore its constant whisper. I was busy doing some color therapy. Having finished the Creativity Challenge, I wanted away from words. During the Challenge, I put up 80 posts in 40 days. First, creating the prompts here, then responding to the prompts on my main poetry blog. Now that it is all behind me, I have to wonder about my own sanity in attempting to do it at all. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed it (for the most part), but was also glad when it was over. But, am also hoping that you might understand my need to get away from the words, and to sink myself in a sea of color.

The easiest way for me to do that, is to use old photographs I’ve taken, or those supplied by others, and put them through the kaleidoscope app. The photo above was taken a couple of years ago, at a library in our sister city of De Pere. I was actually looking for a writing group that met there occasionally. The group didn’t work for me, but this one photo has provided me with hours of enjoyment.


I’ve used several different kaleidoscope apps over the years. And each time I try a new one, I go back to this photo because I love the colors and the affect of the sunshine on the flowers. One of the first examples I got from playing with the photo is this one.


But the variety is endless. This is another kaleidoscope image from a very different app. Yet just as delightful, simply for its difference.


Color therapy is soothing, but it can also use up energy. There are an endless number of choices to be made, as well as alignments to be considered. And the differences can be somewhat spectacular.


Most recently, I have been pulling up all of my files and finding images I especially like and turning them into full page photo copies. And as usual, I got a bit carried away and now have enough photo images to cover most of the walls in my apartment. But that sounds a bit like too much work for this old woman. And besides, I will begin teaching online next week, which means its time to get back to the words.


Although this is only one of the means I use for color therapy, there are several others I enjoy. However, I would like to make an offer to those of you who read these posts. Do you have a favorite color? If you send me an email, with your street address, I’ll send you an image of one of my kaleidoscope photo prints, in the color/s you choose. I will need your full name and address. My email is

My wish is that you find as much pleasure in them as I do.





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3 Responses to Color Therapy

  1. Hello Elizabeth, nice to hear from you. Lovely post. I live in South Africa and our postal service is awful so I won’t take up your kind offer [although I would love one]. Have a lovely day.


  2. Sherry Marr says:

    They are all so beautiful, Elizabeth, and so wonderfully varied. I am glad you took a break. 80 posts in 40 days is an INSANE workload. You shepherded us through some turbulent waters and we owe you big-time for that.

    I have been taking a break too. From the news. I find I cannot listen to t without disturbing my soul. He is dangerously deranged and should never be sworn in. I cant believe they are letting him behave so badly. The few clips I do catch of him are appalling.

    Instead, I will focus on positive things: moving, writing, and then immersing myself in wild, beautiful nature. And hope he doesnt get us all killed.


  3. These are so beautiful. It calms me to look at them. Thanks.


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