Creativity Challenge Day 6

Creativity Challenge 6

The Challenge here is to use your creative talent to bring light into the current distress in the world around you, in whatever form that talent takes. Please remember that we are reaching out to a world that is facing upheaval and possibly a great number of changes. Let us reach out to that world and bring it the lessons we have learned by becoming artists and writers.  You may use images, photos, music, poetry, prose, short story fiction, personal essay, or whatever suits you best. I will post one word a day, adding a few of my own thoughts about the word. The rest is up to you. You may post as many times as you like, and may use old or new pieces, as you choose. When you have finished creating your post, return here and leave the URL in the comments section below. Then post it to whatever social media you are involved with. If you are not connected to some form of social media, consider joining one now. If not, say so when you post, and I will attempt to post it on mine, which is Facebook.

Word for Today


Breathing Lessons: The original word inspire, meant to breathe into or on. That, in turn, meant to breathe in. When we breathe in, we are inspired by the air that surrounds us, no matter the makeup of that air. But, we do not just breathe in (or we’d hyperventilate), we must also breathe out. When we exhale, we express what has been inspired. And we share that expressed exhalation with the world that surrounds us. All forms of meditation that I have explored, begin with breathing in and out. There is a lot of anger and distress in the world around us. But, we also know that anger, most often, begets more anger. So, today, I’m asking you to find a quiet place, and sit down comfortably. Then slowly pull air into your lungs, through your nostrils. All the while thinking of an image of natural beauty: sunlight winking through rustling leaves, blue sky, water falling on rocks, or waves gently lapping a shoreline. Then blow the air gently out of your mouth. Do this three or four times, before you begin the challenge today. What inspires you to create? What moves you to do this thing we do? And how can you inspire the distressed world around you? What can you offer to soothe its jangled nerves, to calm its fevered thought process, to encourage it to breathe gently in and out?


Reflection Manipulated Photograph by Elizabeth Crawford

Manipulated Photograph
Elizabeth Crawford



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  2. I’ll be sitting this one out, today. Tomorrow is my fifth day in a row at a fairly new job, and I’m tired. I appreciate you for the inspiration you offer here, Elizabeth. If I’m not around tomorrow, I’ll catch up Monday… Reading, writing, commenting, and appreciating.

    Blessings, fellow creative beings! 💗


  3. Sherry Marr says:

    Here is mine, Elizabeth. I depressed myself writing it, didn’t quite make the leap to hope, but made an attempt.


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