Flutters of Change

For the most part, I write poetry. But, there are always those spaces of time, like now, when I want, and even need, more than form and structure. Want to spread out, explore more than one specific theme, thought, or idea. I have been struggling with a number of issues, and that means I need to write about them, follow the different strings, find out where they will take me, and if I really want to go there. That means I change the venue and start writing prose.

I often do the same thing with my art and the different images and designs I make. Take that butterfly image I used in my last post. I took it to the kaleidoscope app and found some very interesting things.


Although this is subtle, I think it would work well as a decorative tile for bathroom or kitchen.


This one is far more Mandala-like, perhaps representing a life cycle of earthy issues with just a hint of sunrise at its edges, and might even be suggesting that the issues might be explored so that the sunlight might emerge and alter ones existence.


Now, with the emerging sunlight at center, one might see the different paths that might be explored, with the knowledge that no matter the path, we always take our essential being with us.


This one speaks to me of the need for a strong central core, well established, which allows the individual to move in any direction without the fear of losing ones self in the process.


The future is always unknown, but no matter the number of choices we make, we bring our own light into that unknowing darkness.

Poetry allows me to speak into one specific theme, idea, or issue. But prose lets me explore many different tangents, while staying safely at center.

They say that a butterfly may flutter its wings on one side of the globe and bring about a tidal wave of changes to the other side of that spinning planet.






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  1. Sherry Marr says:

    I especially love the mandala image. I love that saying about the butterfly’s wings! I havent the time, or the peace, to write ANYTHING these days. But soon this will change.


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