Safe Place


This is a design I created through a process of pen and ink sketching, then put the sketch through the kaleidoscope app. coloring it with India ink. The image always makes me think of the phrase ‘safe place’.

There was a time, in my life, when the only safe place I owned was that inside of my own imagination. While trying to put on a practice of meditation, I created an entire environment, peopled with wild creatures. But, I soon realized that each of those critters represented a part of my own psyche. There were wolves, a tiger, a huge sleek black panther and many others.

They usually tested me in one form or another. After passing the test, they would speak to me, telling me their individual stories. And those stories usually coincided, in some part, with my past experiences. It was several years before I attended college, only to discover that I had spontaneously created a Personal Mythology.

A myth is a story told through symbolism, an allegory, where the pieces and parts of the story are given concrete meanings that represent a broader, less well-defined element. Thus myths often speak to a spiritual or psychological definition. Joseph Campbell, the leading mythologist of the past century, said that myths are the story of the development, the evolution, of the human psyche.  A Personal Mythology would be the story of the development of one individual psyche, or personality.

I have been wanting to find something to write about, here on this blog. My only thought, when I came this morning was to share this image with you. But, as often happens, that got me into something else, lol. So, I will share with you how I got involved in creating my Personal Mythology. The actual story of that is here on the blog and may be found at this location.

Just click on the addie and read the story. If you want more, come back and let me know. There are many of them.





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