NaPoWriMo: Day 30 – Final Poem

NaPoWriMo: Day 30 – Final Poem


The above image is for you to copy to your files as a reminder of your accomplishment.


and thank you.

This final prompt is going to be different. No words. I want you to find a poem, your favorite, your favorite poet, or something you wrote, or read during this past month. Something that moved or moves you. Let’s you know that being an individual who writes poetry is of importance to how you see yourself, the world in which you live, and this thing we do. Reminds you, in some fashion, of the beauty and truth to be found in doing so. Then, using a line from that poem you have chosen, write your own poem. You can use the line as your title, first line, or somewhere else in your piece. Simply italicize it and cite the author.  You are free to make it as long, or short, as you choose, and in whatever form you see fit.

Suggestion: Remember that you have written what amounts to a chapbook over the last thirty days. This last piece should be the anchor piece of that book. A publisher once called me to tell me that my poem had been chosen to be an anchor piece for an anthology. Then asked me if I knew what an anchor piece was. I laughingly said, “Not sure, but sounds like a fancy title for the last page of the book.” She laughed with me and then told me that an anchor piece is something for the reader to take away from the book, to remember it by. Something that sums up all of its pieces and parts, but also holds the truth to be found within its theme. Sort of like the moral of the story, but a bit more subtle. I stood corrected, and asked her if she was sure that my poem could carry that kind of weight.

Whether you take my suggestion seriously, or not, have fun with this final writing. Make it something you want to carry away with you to remember what you have accomplished.

And thank you again, for sharing these past thirty days with me.


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11 Responses to NaPoWriMo: Day 30 – Final Poem

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I have appreciated your prompts, the result of hard work and inspiration, even though I haven’t responded yet to very many. Thank you. Here is the summation of my Napowrimo 2016:-


    Apple blossom tries
    without success to emerge
    from winter branches

    Poetry squeezes out a drip at a time
    maybe a line, maybe nothing ─
    time for a Caesarian?


    Viv, you gotta know I love this and now realize why I’ve been feeling so much pain, lol…



  3. 1sojournal says:

    Mine is here, and thanks to all of you for making this an enriching experience,



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  5. Happy dance! Happy dance! I did it! Thank you, Elizabeth. This has been a fine journey.


  6. pmwanken says:

    I’ve not forgotten about Day 30. I wrote my poem and have yet to post it to my blog. I think it’s because I don’t like it!! LOL I will look it over again and see if there’s anything I want to change an post it eventually.

    In the meantime, thank you Elizabeth…for leading us through a month of connecting us to our words.

    By the way…should you decide to post regular prompts here, going forward, I’ll include you in the list of “prompt sites to visit” that is being included on the resurrected Poetic Bloomings site.



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  8. pmwanken says:

    Hi Elizabeth. Finally back to post my Day 30 poem. It wasn’t what I was looking for, to go with your prompt. The first thing that had come to mind was an image I had found earlier in the month that I hadn’t used yet. So – instead of borrowing a line, I used a photo. I decided not to go back to re-do my response to your prompt, so here’s that poem…


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