The manuscript was finished, tripled checked, and sent off about a week and a half ago. That sounds so good to say out loud. When I finished it, and checked each page, I sat back and thought it might be a good idea to just wait for a few days and then recheck it again. Realized that I could easily let it slide for far more than a few days, so took a deep breath, made a separate copy of it and mailed it off. No more procrastination.

And promptly felt sick to my stomach. I was suddenly pumped and terrified all at the same time. Within a half hour, I received a confirmation letter that the manuscript had been received. It took a few days to settle down between bouts of highs (self-congratulations) and lows (abject terror about the whole thing).

When I did finally settle down and let myself know that I had done my best and it was now out of my hands, I began to work on my next project. The templates I hope to turn into a coloring book. I’m still spending time, each day, cleaning up all my files related to that project, sorting, and even making new ones. Of course, occasionally I find one that immediately starts suggesting color schemes, so some of that time I’ve been coloring. This is one of my templates after coloring:


And another that I’m thinking might make for a good cover.


When I’ve had enough of the templates, I find a book and just relax in my favorite chair. At the moment, I’m rereading Jean Aul’s Clan of The Cave Bear. I originally read it back when it was new (1980s ?) and this will be my third reading. I admire the depth of her research and the common sense way in which she deals with the science and archaeology involved. And it’s a good story to boot. It helped awaken my curiosity about my own Native American ancestry, especially it’s spiritual under-pinning.

It will be at least two or three months before I hear anything back on the manuscript. But, it certainly has awakened my interest in doing more of the same. Thirty plus years of poetry means I have a lot more to deal with. But, one thing at a time. I just wanted to let you know that I did finish and get it off and out there.


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2 Responses to Movement

  1. YAY !!!!!! Such an accomplishment and I know a LOT of work. Now on to the next, LOL. I love your templates and the wonderful colors……good for you getting it finished and sent off and for not procrastinating, as it is always so tempting to do………you inspire me.


  2. Felicitations. It’s been a long haul for you, but I’m so glad you made it.

    Those Jean Auel books are fascinating. Time for me to re-read them, I think.


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