The Task of Sorting

Yes, I am still sorting. In her book, Women Who Run With The Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes that the task of sorting (separating this from that), is essential to the process of development and healing of the human psyche, particularly the intuitive functions. The task of sorting this from that allows us to develop fine-line distinctions and discernment. It also allows us to learn when things are best let go of, to make room for more and sometimes even better choices.

When last I was here, I spoke of sorting out the templates I was able to save before I lost my external storage modem. I have made hard copies of the ones I want to preserve and use. And have also made yet another file of those that need work of one sort or another. I managed to buy a second-hand drafting table for that work. Yet, all the while I was engaged in those actions, I was aware that I had lost my copy of Photoshop: the one that held the kaleidoscope app that I had used to make the templates. There was grief in that knowledge, because I so enjoyed the process of watching and making those templates.

Occasionally, I would go online and search for another kaleidoscope app, but had no success in finding anything useful. It was utterly frustrating. Until yesterday, when I found, not one, but two different apps. When I got my new computer, one of the first things I did was to download It is a free download and is very user friendly. They supply tutorials on how to use the different elements for working with photographs as well as the paint program for more creative endeavors.

Yesterday, while talking to my daughter, I told her of my frustration. While we were talking, she searched for plug-ins for and found one that included a kaleidoscope app. among hundreds of others. The plug-ins are also free downloads. It took a while to find the app (it was hidden under the distort function), but eventually I did find it. The app is very different from what I have used in the past, but I am more than willing to learn the process.

The other app I found was in something called Suma Pro (found at It isn’t a download, but for the very reasonable price of $4.00 a month, you can use the app, pull up images from your own computer, work on them, and then save them back to your computer. Again, it is a different set-up, but I will learn.

This morning, I pulled up one of my doodles (pen and ink drawing, or line weaving). This is the one I pulled up:

3-17-2015_9_15_41_PMx[1]I took it to Sumapaint and clicked on the kaleidoscope app. This is what came up:

3-17-2015_9_15_41_PMx[1]aI was fascinated, so saved it back to my computer and brought it up in to play with it a bit. Really liked where I ended up with it:


Found a frame for it and it is now sitting on my new-used drafting table as a reminder that I am now back in business. I may even get around to coloring it at some point.


All that sorting made me acutely aware of just how much I enjoy my own creative process. More important, it allowed me to get through my grief and to find what I needed when I was finally willing to let go and see what was possible.

I used the same process to work with a photograph that was taken at the Botanical Gardens:

HOMEOFFICE - dscn4457Did a kaleidoscope from that photo:

HOMEOFFICE - DSCN4457a1I’m more than satisfied with my task of sorting this from that. Can you tell?



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  1. Beautiful results from your determination and creativity. Bravo


  2. Sherry Marr says:

    I am so thrilled for you that you have found a new avenue for the creating of your mandalas………the ones featured here are BEAUTIFUL. Yay! And I am so stoked you got a drafting table to elevate your art to the status it deserves. I love that you have your office, where you can write and create art – a room all of its own, how wonderful.


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