Saving A Dream

Some of you might know that two months ago, I moved from a spacious one bedroom to a larger two bedroom apartment. It has been stressful for all kinds of reasons. However, I finally have a space that looks like a lived in area and am down to sorting through all my files.

My daughter has been coming about once a week to help with that chore. She is separating the poetry from the prose, and then there is all of the visual art. We have one storage box for items that don’t fit any of those categories, and I will have to go through them and decide if I want to keep or toss.

Before I moved, we got hit by lightning and I lost my computer. Along with that, I lost my outside storage modem. Years of work, just gone. So, I have been slowly going through the visual art box to see how much of it can be scanned and saved. I was surprised to find so many of my templates. Nowhere near the 300 to 400 I had in the storage unit, but enough to take the edge of that loss. I also lost my Photoshop program. That’s what I was using to make the templates. I am hoping to replace it, but that might take a while.

So, I’ve spent some time over the past two weeks, scanning some of the templates we have found. Problem is, my fingers start to itch, wanting to color them, lol. So when I get tired of the scanning, I go to my comfortable chair and color for a while. I forgot how easily that activity can calm and soothe. And I really like making beautiful things. But, it’s even better to let others see the beauty.

I’ve decided to share some of the finished and not quite finished images here. Hope you enjoy.826153826157826159


The spacing is a bit awkward, but that’s a problem with the site and my ability to maneuver around in it. Some of these were done in India Ink with fine artists pens, while others were done in colored pencil. And some use both and would have to be defined as mixed media pieces. I eventually want to attempt water color as well. These are copyrighted images and may not be used without permission.

My dream of creating a coloring book is still alive and well.


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3 Responses to Saving A Dream

  1. That dream of a coloring book is a good dream – maybe this winter? (I’m such a slave driver!) I love coloring, have all my life and I’d buy one!!!! Your designs are so beautiful. I’m glad you are tackling the huge job of sorting all your life’s work……..I need to do the same – this winter, along with the 75 other chores on my to do list. Horrible to have lost even your external drive and so much work. Glad you still have lots in hard copy.


  2. I quite uderstand your distress at losing so much of your work, having suffered a similar catastrophe twice in the last two years.. Good luck with the sorting.


  3. catterel says:

    Losing so much work must be heartbreaking – though maybe some snippets remain in your mind/memory? I sometimes look at old pieces and they are tew totally new to me – did I write that? Maybe it’s my dotage catching up!


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