A Bit of Beautiful Buoyancy

My sister has decided that I must get out into fresh air and sunshine. Not sure why that is so but it could be any number of things. I am still slowly unpacking my belongings from the move I made over two weeks ago. I do a bit of that each day, then break to read and spend time getting acquainted with my new computer. Very slowly, my new home is taking shape. But, I am also enjoying the unpacking of belongings, some of which haven’t seen daylight for years, and taking the time to carefully choose where they should rest at this point in my journey.

Two weeks ago, Mary came and took me to the Botanical Gardens. It was a beautiful day of sunshine and soft breezes. I hadn’t been out with my camera in far too long, so of course, I over compensated for that lack of photographs to play with. After downloading them to the computer, I did find a new effect to use on some of them.





These were all put through an app effect called “Vignette” in my Paint.net program which is a free download available online. I think they would make excellent greeting cards or collages as well as wonderfully framed photos for any wall.

The following week, Mary called to say she was packing a lunch and we’d find a place while out for a ride. We headed toward the Bay shoreline and ended up at a small park near the UW extension campus. The weather, once again, was warm and breezy and we shared bits of our lunch with a sea gull until he turned down a home grown cherry tomato and, heaven forbid, a small chocolate covered cashew. That might have been best for him, but it was unthinkable to two chocoholics.

From there, we slowly made our way to the mouth of the Fox river and I was able to reopen my relationship with the Pelicans who inhabit that area every year and, at least for me, feed a natural fascination.




Pelicans are a symbol of buoyancy because they can remain afloat even in rough waters. They can dive deep for the sustenance they need, but then pop right back up after finding it. They are easy to distinguish, even in flight. Not only because of those long huge beaks, but because the black hem on their white wings is so distinct.

My sister really understood what I needed at this point of my journey. Sunlight, warm breezes, beautiful blossoms, and the buoyancy of pelicans. As well as a loving companion who likes to laugh at shared moments from years in the past. I am blessed.

Elizabeth Crawford  7/16/15


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3 Responses to A Bit of Beautiful Buoyancy

  1. Sherry Marr says:

    It sounds – and looks – like a perfect outing. I LOVE that you have pelicans in your area!!!!! I didnt know that/ You have a wonderful and thoughtful sister too.


  2. kim says:

    Lovely photos, and so interesting about the buoyancy of pelicans. Thank you for sharing, and enjoy your weekend. x


  3. Lily Lau says:

    These pics are truly beautiful, we’re all like a bird 🙂


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