Suggestions For Earth Day Posting


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Suggestions For Earth Day Postings

As promised, I have gathered a few suggestions for postings to meet the Earth Day challenge to speak for our Mother Earth.

Images: with or without accompanying words:


Poetry: Bits or whole pieces



Loves Nature in small and large
creatures, furred and four-legged,
feathered and winged, from hawks
to hummingbirds, rabbits to big cats
and bears. Shares that love with all
who care and are willing to lean in
and listen.

Prose Writings: Essays, Articles, personal encounters or experiences:


A Tiger Named Pain (personal experience essay)

I have recently discovered a new poem form, created by another online poet, Hannah Gosselin, and is called The Boomerang Poem. It is written completely in metaphor (no similes), and pushes the mind into new and even, adventurous places. And because I am a poet, as well as an essayist, it occurred to me that the form would work for both. You will find the form and a detailed explanation here:

Music: Songs and music that celebrate the beauty of our planet home.


It goes without saying, that you may have your own ideas. All are welcome. Please be aware that you are not limited to only one posting, or to one blog entry. Make sure to share the post/s to social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Each time you post, you are invited to share that URL here, in the comments section. As always, read some of those posts, and if you are inclined, share the post on either your own blog or social media. You may also want to introduce your post/s with the words: For the Earth Day Challenge and then put the URL of this blog below that. I will create a new entry here on Earth Day, April 22, 2015.



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