Challenge To Artists, Poets, and Writers


This challenge is being addressed to all artists,musicians, poets, and writers.

          Partaking in our various artistic endeavors we are, of course, expressing ourselves. However, we often are giving voice to those who have none. Those who have been silenced; either by circumstances or by individuals. Many of those silenced are forced, or coerced, into mute resistance (if they are capable of resisting at all).

As a poet and writer, I take that responsibility with concern and care. Earth Day is April 22 and our world, planet, home, is slowly and systematically being destroyed. The earth has no voice, although there are many (like myself) who believe she cries and groans with each tree that is bulldozed, each meadow or field of wildflowers that is paved over, each rock formation that is pulverized, and every swampland that is sucked dry by the human need for more of whatever it thinks it needs. All such actions are underlined by a deliberate ignorance, or denial, of the life such actions destroy; the waste, or fouling, of essential elements for sustaining continued life such as air and water.

So, with that in mind, I ask you to give the earth a voice on April 22, in whatever means of expression you employ to make that expression as public as possible. I would encourage you to use whatever is available to you; be that a blog, social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, a personal online journal, etc. To that end, I will come back here on the 18th of April to offer a few suggestions, ideas, or (if you prefer) prompts. You are free to use them (or not) as you see fit. We have a great deal of technology at our fingertips. Let’s use it and let our world speak. To further encourage you to participate, I am offering just one example, today, of writing that I myself have done. And yes, that means you are not, in any way, limited to only one form or piece of expression. Go through your files. Find images, photos, poems, bits of mythos, and stories. Dust them off and let them speak. This is one of my old pieces that I intend to post on April 22.

Actually, that’s two pieces. The image is a digital painting I created.

So, are you up to the challenge? Do you dare?

Elizabeth  4/13/15


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8 Responses to Challenge To Artists, Poets, and Writers

  1. Love Loves Difficult Things is my most favorite of your poems, Elizabeth and I love the sound of this challenge. As you know, I have written a ton of poems about Mother Earth, no shortage of material. LOL. A wonderful initiative. Thanks for the invitation.


  2. It is the most recurrent theme in my poetry, like Sherry and you. I am still grieving from the sight yesterday afternoon of a man with a power pack on his back spraying the verges of our little lane with weedkiller. He cliabered the bank below our fence to make sure he covered every daisy, dandelion and celandine in flower, plus the emerging mallow and cow parsley thet give us and the bees and butterflies such joy and sustenance.

    Your poem is one of my favourites. We poets must keep spreading the message.


  3. PS,i I would like to share this on Facebook, but you don’t have a sharing button. Is it OK if I just share the link?


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  5. This is an excellent way to celebrate earth day…thank you, Elizabeth.


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    A very cause!


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