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Used this pen and ink “zen doodle” to decorate a poetry post yesterday. You may find the poem at

Went back later to play with it digitally, using the kaleidoscope app. Some very interesting things happened, even though it started out like a regular session with the app. There is some amount of deconstruction when I do the designs because many times the patterns get so busy they seem to lose their eye appeal and get too distracting. That happened with this image.


This started out very busy because the vine part of the image sort of took center stage. But all I wanted was this central part of the design. However, when I got that, the rest of the design was washed out by an all white background. Changed that to black and liked it much better. To give you a better idea of the steps in the process, here are three images that are all the same design. Just click on them to enlarge them for easier viewing.


As I added the number of petals (extensions) to the kaleidoscope image, I was really pleased with the outcomes.



And another set, using deconstruction.



doodle1k3But the best of all surprises came with this beauty. I think it is exquisite.


Notes: If you are interested in the creation of that first ‘doodle’, you may find the original Zentangle site, and instructions for drawing some of the patterns here:


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  1. These are lovely, Elizabeth – they remind me of some of the crochet lace doyleys my mother and later I made, ethereal and delicate.


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