Story of a Doodle

Several years ago, I became interested in color and lines. Began creating what I called doodles, for lack of a better term. I bought some Sharpie colored pens and started playing,
using repeat patterns, then mixing them up. They turned out something like this:

ex2Then decided to put these small colored images through the kaleidoscope app, ending up with a bit of a mess with a great design in it.

ex2a (2)Cleaned it up using my paint program.

ex2a (2)cIn black and white, it made another image that might be colored.

ex2a (2)a

These are also from that same little doodle.

ex2a2 (2)

ex2a3 (2)That little doodle went a long long way and became a source of entertainment, beauty, artistic flair, hours of enjoyment, and active meditation. Click on the images to enlarge them and see them full scale.

Imagine my surprise when browsing the net and coming upon others that had raised ‘doodling’ to another level of art, defining it as Repeat Pattern Drawing or Line Weaving. There are all sorts of sites and many of them are more than willing to share their creative patterns and hundreds of ideas on how, and on what can be decorated with them.

Here are two sites to explore:


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  1. It is a very intricate and beautiful art form. So interesting, hearing about how it developed for you, Elizabeth.


  2. Beautiful, intricate, very artistic patterns and design. That is truly an amazing form of doodling. Very impressive! Happy Sunday!


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