Same Design, Different Images

I’ve been sharing some of the kaleidoscope images I make digitally. Even after a design has been colored, I’ll play with it a bit more. Although I didn’t know what I wanted to do with this one, I liked the composition so colored it in some of my favorite hues. It reminded me of my mother because she liked blues and purples, and especially lavender.

2-27-2012 framedI put it back through the kaleidoscope app and got these two different images, simply by playing with the background colors.

2-27-2012 framedbSort of soft and pillow-like.

2-27-2012 framedb1The darker background seemed to alter it once again. Then talked to a friend, telling her that the first image, done in colored pencils, was still my favorite and I wished I could figure out how to use it as a frame without trying to actually cut it out with a scissors. Something I have never been really good at. She asked if I had a photo in mind and I told her that I did. She did this within a few minutes on her computer and promptly sent it back to me.

FrameMe2a (2)That is my parents dancing at my niece’s wedding. The photo is over thirty years old. I did another one for my sister’s fortieth wedding anniversary. The flowers in the frame are the colors the wedding party wore for her wedding.

4(2)These look particularly great inside those hard transparent plastic holders bent at the bottom to create their own standing platform. Hope you enjoy and realize that there are lots of ways to enjoy both the coloring and the wonderful gifts they might create.


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2 Responses to Same Design, Different Images

  1. WabiSabi says:

    These are so beautiful! What a lovely gift! Is the kaleidoscope app in the Apple store? I have been trying out some art apps too and posted an image today….just for fun!

    Hi WabiSabi, and thank you. My kaleidoscope app is a part of Photoshop. Someone gifted it to me. I would think there would be kaleidoscope apps available as plug-ins on other paint programs. Mine has a lot of different settings. I can create the images with from 2 to 20 petals (how many outstretched paths the design will make). Each setting creates different patterns. I usually set mine at somewhere between 15 to 18 for the templates I make for coloring. However, using a smaller number creates some intriguing images when doing things with photographs. I did visit your site and saw Blue Woman. Very cubist. But, there was no means to leave a comment. Sorry. Hope you continue to explore the art apps. and please continue sharing.



  2. What glorious frames for those dear faces. Spectacular, Elizabeth!


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