A Dare and a Gift

4-10-2012 m1hI figure I’m not the only one who can have fun. This is one of the templates I made from a line weave drawing, I created with pen and ink. I dare you to take it and color it with any type of medium you prefer.

Tips: Put your cursor on the image. Right click it and “save image as”. Make sure you save it to a file where it can be easily found. I usually save to My Pictures on my hard drive. Then print it out and you are all ready to begin. I use card stock paper (white), it’s heavier and absorbs better. If you use colored ink, or markers, it’s best to use another sheet of paper underneath it. The ink bleeds and this eliminates the mess. If you use chalk or pastels, it’s best to spray the finished image with some form of fixative.

When finished, scan it and create whatever size you prefer. I then print it on photo stock paper. When you scan it, you have a permanent photo image of your finished creation that can be used whenever and wherever you wish. I use many of them on my blogs. Have given them as gifts with a bit of poetry included, and have also made them into greeting cards. Have fun and enjoy.

Please share. I would be more than a little interested in seeing what you do with the template. Thanks.


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  1. What a cool idea for handmade cards, Elizabeth – always so much better than bought ones.


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