A Work In Progress

5-2-2014 colored pencilThis is the image I worked on yesterday. Tried a couple of different backgrounds for it.

5-2-2014 colored pencil1

5-2-2014 colored pencil2

5-2-2014 colored pencil3

Then tried some other combinations of colors by inverting them digitally.

5-2-2014 colored pencil5

It’s been a while since I worked with colored pencils. Forgot that the scanner doesn’t do well by them, often fading them out, or obliterating them completely. However, was satisfied with the image and the process. This is a kaleidoscope I created from a very simple pen and ink line weave drawing I had done. I call them K-dalas because they are a blend of Mandala and the kaleidoscope app.

Although I was more than satisfied with the original work (#1), I couldn’t find a suitable background that really appealed to me. Then I inverted the image, trying different combinations of the original colors. Surprisingly enough, I really like the final image. It speaks to me more than the others.

Colors have a language, as I’ve said before. Certain hues speak to feelings and character qualities of human experience and existence. Thus, I find a personal message in that final image. It’s spring here, and the browns speak of the earth and physical presence coming awake and beginning again. Purple relates to personal power, while blue tells of knowledge and wisdom. But, in that final image, it is the greens that dominate, surround and protect all the other states of being. Green is the color of growth. I am definitely not a spring chicken by anyone’s standards, but I am still capable of growing in all of those areas represented by that final image. When anyone asks about my philosophy or belief system, I most often define those things with the words, “I’m a work in progress.” Hopefully, that will remain true until the day I die.

How about you? Which image do you prefer?


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6 Responses to A Work In Progress

  1. Geraldine says:

    Oh wow, very nice! You are a talented artist. 🙂


    • 1sojournal says:

      Thank you very much Geraldine. I love to play with colors. If that makes me an artist, I’ll accept that definition. I already know I am an artist with words. Creativity is the healing agent built into the human psyche. When we create, we open a path to healing, especially of what lies within. I love creating beautiful things and enjoy the meditation process that occurs when I do.



  2. These are lovely – but the last one really sings out to me. Work in Progress? I seem to be working backwards!


    • 1sojournal says:

      Backwards? You did NaPo, exiting on the arm of Apollo. You should be celebrating. Maybe it’s just time to rest and refuel? One sometimes needs to just step away for a while and breathe. That was my intent when I went looking for the colored pencils. I wasn’t particularly looking for a message, but it arrived anyway. Love it when that happens.



  3. I like the restful sinking into art to take a break from the intensity of the writing. Beautiful images, my friend. I sank onto my couch and watched a movie. That worked too, though unproductively.

    Lol, I did that as well, but unsuspectingly chose a movie that was sad and heavy, so turned it off and went back to coloring. Thanks for taking a look my friend,



  4. Geraldine says:

    PS: I have answered your question re: color photos in a Kindle over at Veggies…hope this helps!

    Happy Weekend, G


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