NaPoWriMo Poetry Prompt #28: Day 28

Double Bubble For The Finish

A Tiger Named Pain

This is the final word list for NaPoWriMo of 2014. And no, I do not expect you to use all of these words. Use as many as you find that you need. This list is different in several ways and for several reasons. I have enjoyed this past month of words and the poems they have inspired, yours as well as my own. But, the past three days were a wonderful high for me as I wrote about the dragons that inhabit my imagination. It was a great experience to find so much inspiration in my own writing. So, I decided to do something different for this final stretch of April. All the other words were taken from poems I had written and posted on Soul’s Music. These words were not taken from a poem, but from an essay I wrote, here on 1sojournal about five years ago. Some of you may have already read it. The essay tells the story of how I came to spontaneously create a Personal Mythology without the faintest idea that was what I was doing. Didn’t know that until a few years later while taking courses at the local University as an undergraduate student. After graduation, I became the General Manager of a new/used bookstore. As such, I ordered all of the new books that were carried in the store and you best believe those shelves were full of books pertaining to all of my varied interests. Before I became a free-lance writing instructor, I began to find a few titles that pertained to the subject of Personal Mythology. I ordered and read the few I could find, but none of them actually seemed to pertain to my own experience. Most of them were written by psychologists who seemed to need a clear structure and a set of rules for doing this thing I had done alone in my bedroom with not a great deal of thought, let alone understanding. So, I began to create a means for telling others how to do what I was doing. And that become some of what I taught later on. In the past few days, I’ve received requests to hear more about that experience, which led me to create the current and final word list. You may find the essay here:

Have fun and enjoy the next three days.


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  1. Thank you for all the work you have put into the prompts. I havent managed to work to all the lists, but have kept them for a time when I am not ‘writing to order’ for Napo. I’m so grateful for the backstory. I’m still in that charnel house of constant pain, which I thought should have gone away by now (from the broken vertebrae) but the orthopaedic surgeon told me last week that it’s not just the crushed bones, but also osteo arthritis, so it’s not going to get any better. Cross-legged is beyond me, but I’m going to try and find my own personal guide.


    • 1sojournal says:

      Thanks Viv for sharing. I can certainly understand. I’ve had a pinched nerve at the base of my spine since birth. My short stature is quickly becoming much shorter as age compresses all of it. That is one of the reasons for the crossed legged position. I adopted it at a very young age for comfort and it is the singular reason I am still mobile albeit very slow and also have osteo added to the list of irregularities. Last month the neurosurgeon said he was surprised that I was still on my feet at all. Am glad you read the backstory and will try to find your own inner guide. I did write a poem for you a few years ago, in which I sent you a gift for just such an endeavor. You can find it here:
      Hope that helps. Love and hugs:



  2. I had a go and used some of the words, but emotion strangled the poem for me!


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