NaPoWriMo Poetry Prompt #21: Day 21

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a matter of perception

Happy Poeming!

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  2. And mine is here:

    Thank you Elizabeth!


  3. annell4 says:

    The Story of Our Lives
    What is it but perception
    No more no less
    Than what we think it is
    We count the days
    We squeeze out the paint
    The years go bye

    It all happens so quickly
    Over before we have
    Even figured out
    The order of things

    Leave the door open
    Welcome the stranger
    You have seen him
    Many times on the road
    You dream the future
    But it isn’t yours’ to control

    The future seeks it’s own path
    Like water in a stream
    As time passes
    We fade
    Become ghosts in the
    Story that is our life
    Never complete
    Just over

    We whisper our goodbyes
    Not really audible on our lips
    Written on small sheets of
    Of white paper
    Folded carefully
    Like small white shells
    Scattered on a beach
    Left for shell seekers to find


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