NaPoWriMo Poetry Prompt #16: Day 16

New List!

A list poem about why

A few suggestions:

1. Yes we are past the halfway mark, but need to counteract the let down, numbies, or blank mind symptoms that may occur. Pamper yourself today.

2. Take yourself out on an “artist’s date”. Go somewhere new to you, somewhere ‘colorful’,
or filled with movement you are not used to seeing or doing.

3. Writing is breathing and you can’t exhale without first inhaling. Use some time today to refresh and refuel. Then go look at the prompts.

Find a playground and swing on the swings!

For your listening pleasure:

The words for this list were taken from a poem that may be found here:


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  2. Here’s mine–
    I noticed I put tomorrow in this one, too…so I edited. I love that you are here. Thank you.

    I feel the same way Brenda, hope you know that.



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