NaPoWriMo Prompt #6: Day 6

New List Tomorrow

Standing In The Gap

A Few Tips

1. Find a song title, phrase, or quote that uses one of these words and use it as a starting point for your poem.

2. If one of the words brings up an image from the past, begin with that image.

3. Or compare that image with something currently going on in your life.

Have fun and play with the words.


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3 Responses to NaPoWriMo Prompt #6: Day 6

  1. Here you are:
    I chose On a Clear Day (Sinatra or Streisand, take your pick)


    I will do the washing,
    all the big things,
    hang it on the line.
    Drying in the garage
    has been the norm this winter
    but today, out on the line
    quilts will be flying,
    efficiently drying
    in the Spring breeze.
    Oh joy.


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