NaPoWriMo Prompt #5: Day 5

Second day of same list:

Standing In The Gap

A few tips:

1. Getting tired? Move to a different location, even if it’s across the room, sitting cross-legged on your bed with a pen and notebook.

2. Remember to breathe. When we breathe in, we pull new air and inspiration into our beings. When we slowly exhale, we express what has been inspired.

3. Choose one word from the list and use it for an opening line. Then follow the line wherever it wants to go. Don’t worry about the rest of the list. If you don’t use them, they weren’t needed.

These words were taken from a poem that may be found here:

Did you move? Did it help? Do whatever it takes to keep writing…



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7 Responses to NaPoWriMo Prompt #5: Day 5

  1. I had to move – I must stop poeming, get dressed and go up to market!

    The gap between the dark row of bare trees
    shows green space, dotted with the distance.
    Nearer to me the apple tree is sprouting,
    pulsating with blossom, ready for bees
    who will convert it to tiny apples.

    Good to see you here and really like your landscape painting. Hope
    things went well at the market.



  2. Pamela says:

    Hi Elizabeth, still one day behind. This is day 4, I used “tilting”. Thanks for the words.


    please stop worrying. This is supposed to be fun and no one is counting.



  3. julespaige says:

    Making an Entrance

    It will be interesting to see where this goes, especially using different prompts 🙂


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  5. theindianmademoiselle says:

    My poem:
    I did it same as yours, 2 prompts in one poem.


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