November Image #3

November PAD Challenge: Image #3
Hope Floats

Hope Floats
Manipulated Photo
Elizabeth Crawford

You may copy and paste the image to your blog and then respond to it in whatever fashion you choose. Then come back and leave the URL for your response in the Comment Section below. Please visit other responders and leave a comment. Thanks.


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5 Responses to November Image #3

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  2. Misky says:

    I’m afraid that this one didn’t shout hope for me, Elizabeth. It gave me vertigo! 😀 My attempt is here:

    Sorry if it caused any discomfort, but your poem was an absolute delight. Thanks so much for still participating,



  3. JulesPaige says:

    We continue to watch a slow but progressive recovery of a friend. Thank you Elizabeth – Hope Floats.


  4. Giving your prompt a whirl:

    Welcome, good to see you here,



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