Musical Notes Prompt #6

Musical Notes Prompt #6

Please go, view, and listen to the musical selection for this prompt.

Note: My apologies for the ads that often precede the music. They don’t last but a few seconds and, most often, I find that it’s worth it to get to the music.

You may use any part of the song, a word, phrase, title, for inspiration but cite it if you do. You may choose to write about an idea, concept, or even a conflict you encounter while listening, or the spirit of the theme of the music selection.

There is only one rule for Musical Notes. Your response must be done in fifteen 15 words or less. Play with all of this for a while, and then on Thursday morning, I’ll put up a post titled Post Day for Musical Notes, here. At that time, use the comments sections to post the URL where your poem may be read. If you don’t have a blog, you may post your response, here in the comments section.

After posting your response, please take the time to read others who have posted here.  Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.

Comments, questions, and discussion are welcome.


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