Silence In A Round and A Challenge

I have long been inspired and refreshed by music, especially by songs with good lyrics. Ones that make me think, or question my own awareness. Most mornings I wake to song lyrics of one sort or another. Sometimes they tell me how my day is going to proceed. Or, how I’m feeling, or even why I am feeling it. There are mornings when the song lyrics seem to be explaining a dream I’ve had while sleeping, and others when the words tell me about individuals I’ve had contact with. There are moments when I’m listening to a conversation and a song will pop into my head defining the issues being discussed.

All of this is part of the reason I wish to explore a challenge with you. First, I’d like to give you an example of what I have in mind. The URL will take you to a song that has deep abiding meaning for me. After listening to it, hit the back button and read the poems I have created after listening to it several times.

Silence In A Round: Secrets About Silence

Secret #1

Silence harms
may even destroy soul

of that one who would choose

to keep it.

Secret #2

Some say it’s golden

but that only serves
to embolden

those who would elicit

Secret #3

“Can you keep

a secret?”

No, never.

Aren’t you aware

of Secret #1?

Elizabeth Crawford 8/2/12

Notes: Although I was drawn early to writing, it was the most difficult thing for me to do, because it meant breaking silence. This song makes me aware of that every time I hear it.  Most of us carry around some secrets, things we refuse to speak of, and by keeping that silence, we bind ourselves into our own Silent Legacy.

Now About The Challenge

I have been posting on this site only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I propose to put up one song and its lyrics as a prompt on Tuesday mornings. You may use any part of the song (citing it of course): title, lines, a phrase, or an idea or concept the song engenders for you. There is only one rule. Your response to the song must be done in fifteen (15) words or less.

I will try to find samples of the song with lyrics, and failing that, will simply post the lyrics here. I am losing some of my hearing, so am aware that others might better use the printed words. Many of the songs will be oldies, I’ve been dancing with music for over sixty years. But, I will also try to make an attempt to choose material that has at least a chance of being somewhat familiar.

You may respond to the challenge here on Thursday mornings. I find that with these limited word challenges, I do a lot of rewriting as the words themselves seem to focus in and often suggest other words or meanings to explore. You may leave a URL to your post, or type in your response here in the comment section. After doing so, I would encourage you to visit others who have responded and leave comments.  Again, I will make up the first challenge next Tuesday and our responses will be posted the following Thursday.

Now, about my example. You got three for the price of one. That’s because the topic is a very important one to me. And each time I tried to narrow it down, something else would pop up and make a new suggestion. But the first two pieces are definitely stand alone poems. The third is simply an example of what is stated in the first two. I don’t think it would be all that difficult to create many more to go along with them. That is the thing I have discovered about these limited word pieces. They focus inward very quickly, but also within that process create a peculiar expansive quality. Hope you enjoy and return next Tuesday.

For today, questions and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


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  1. JulesPaige says:

    Something I want to come back to when I have the time. I’ve put this site on my fav’s list so I can hopefully find it again with ease. Thanks ~


  2. pamela says:

    Count me in, Elizabeth.



  3. Mary says:

    Thanks for the link, Elizabeth…It will all depend on my time…good idea for sure!


  4. No time to listen now, but I’m in!

    Where’s your subscription button?


  5. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks to all who came to take a look. The Follow button is just below the archives in the sidebar.



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