Final Kali – Stone

When I do the kaleidoscope images, it is a bit like magic. I pick a photo, put it in the app, then start clicking and playing with different variances, such as the number of petals, and how far I want to zoom in or out, how much of the pattern I want to expose. The app itself picks something from the photo and uses that for its geometric pattern. The photo above is one that I used when I first started doing the stones, and I used only one or two of the patterns that developed.

This was the one that I used here. Obviously, the program chose to highlight the gold and purple pansy in the photo. I’d like to show you some of the other choices that came from the same photo.

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That’s what I mean by a bit of magic.

Tomorrow begins a new month. I will be starting a different project here that will combine music and short verse. See you then.


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2 Responses to Final Kali – Stone

  1. Libby says:

    Magic indeed.

    Secret Libby? I could do these kinds of posts for a very long time. Love the colors and the wonderful ever changing patterns. Thanks for stopping in,



  2. Wow, these are fascinating. I could watch them all day!

    Glad to hear it. I sneak back to just watch for the same reason. That inner child just can’t get enough. Thanks for stopping by Jlynn,



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