Kali – Stone #16

Captured rainbow
divine promise,
darkening storm.


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2 Responses to Kali – Stone #16

  1. Oh, so beautiful, my friend……and all blue…..

    When I was looking at it, the colors were clear and solid. By the time I got the camera out, they had started to fade. I think I was asking to much of my little point and shoot, but I tried anyway and was satisfied with what I did get. The blue of the sky seemed almost other worldly.



  2. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    Tell me, please, the secret of capturing rainbows. 🙂

    Lol, dumb luck? If you are speaking of capturing, as in photography, that is what I know. I’ve only had my digital camera for about a year and what I get is always a surprise to me. First and only rule, carry the thing with you everywhere. I was at my sister’s house waiting out an intense thunderstorm. Half way home, I looked up to see the rainbow. Had my camera but no way to stop and even try. Had to wait until I was back at my place in the parking lot. As I told Sherry above, the colors had started to fade but I snapped about a dozen pics. Took the best of them to my photo program and played with exposure and color until I got what I thought was best. And like I said, pure dumb luck. Something I’d wanted to do for a very long time and finally it was just there in front of me.

    These are definitely not the best rainbow images I’ve seen. However, they are my first and only ones, so they are special. A friend and I captured one on a road trip through South Dakota and it was beautiful. I even wrote a poem about it years later.

    However, there is another aspect to your question. I am responding to your inquiry as though it were about a photogragh. There is the possibility that you are asking a much deeper, even metaphysical or mystical question. Problem is, in my experience, the answer is still the same. The rainbow is a symbol of Divine Promise. Originally meant to signify that God would never again flood the earth as He did in the time of Noah. The concept of the promise still remains. If we are steadfast and manage to survive the storm, we will find the ‘bow’ or prosperity of light afterward.

    I interpret that as light (color) being knowledge, which when applied becomes wisdom. And long ago, I learned a very important lesson. The lesson went something like this: You may learn the most important and most difficult of lessons from the very poorest or worst of teachers, if your heart is in the right place. To me, that means open. In affect, I guess that means if you keep your heart open, the rainbow (and its promise) will come. But one must live believing that it will come in any moment. Remember Percival? His name means Pure Fool. He acted on his belief and became part of Arthur’s Round Table, going in search of the Grail. He missed it the first time around because he was young, insecure, and had some preconceived notions. He continued for another twenty years, and eventurally was given another chance. This time he didn’t hesitate and it was Percival who found the Grail, and saved the kingdom by answering the question correctly. He is the prime example of an open heart.

    Okay, I’m done now. Beware of asking Elizabeth questions, yes?

    Thanks for the visit and the unexpected but wonderful opportunity,



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