Kali – Stone #10

Huge concrete slabs
piled at shoreline
in effort
to thwart theft
of land by water.

Because water
is universal symbol
for life itself,
perhaps some future
centuries from now,
will interpret that
as a primitive defense
against all that is life,
or life giving?


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2 Responses to Kali – Stone #10

  1. Mary says:

    Interesting speculation, Elizabeth! I am sure archaeologists will look at a lot of things of our modern culture and draw fascinating conclusions; just as archaeologists of today have done with things they have discovered of the distant past.

    The mind and how it travels, has ever been fascinating to me. Our imaginations are a gift and sometimes a curse, Mary. Keeping it active and aware is always an adventure,



  2. anl4 says:

    I wonder… what will they say? That we destroyed the earth that supports our lives? Finely crafted.

    Thanks Annell, there are many who are saying that already. There’s always the possibility that they won’t care at all, or that they won’t even exist because our planet will be barren or non-existant by then. So many possibilities.



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