Bella Stones

My granddaughter is here for a week long visit. Isabella (most often called Bella) is thirteen. Last night we did some exploring in the magic of digital art. This first image was one I started, then Bella took over and got her feet wet.

The next one she did start to finish and titled “my first thingy majig.”

The last one, done while I was reading and both our favorite, is titled “Oh Yess!” Which is exactly what I said when she showed it to me.

There may be few greater pleasures (can’t think of even one), than to discover a like spirit in your child’s child.


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6 Responses to Bella Stones

  1. Mary says:

    I like the last one too! She really seems to have picked up on the process. Nice to share an interest with a kindred spirit.

    Thanks! It’s pretty easy…..I was confused at first. The “oh yess!” one was inspired by the Hunger Games. I dont know why but, I really like those books. Anyways, I appreciate your liking for them. -Bella(:


  2. Libby says:

    Definitely an ‘oh yess’, how wonderful to share this spiritual experience with your granddaughter.

    Thanks. It’s amazing. I usse paint all the time and never knew you could do that. I was so supprised. Thanks! -Bella(:


  3. Bella! You are an artist. Elizabeth, how heartwarming to spend time with a granddaughter and introduce her to art – then see her leap in and soar. I love the third one, yes, but I also find the blue one very interesting – almost like it’s full of eyes. Great work, Bella!!!!!!!

    I have always been interested in art. When I was little, my cat aet my little hamster. Yeah, i was heartbroken but at the same time I laughed. I would always draw my cat eating my hamster and wrote at the bottom, “Harley died Moe”. After that, I would draw anything. Anything that came to my little 3 year old mind. As I 6th grade I started to use paint, but I never knew that I could do what I have just created. Thanks. I hope others will enjoy as well. -Bella(:


  4. JulesPaige says:

    That second and even the third remind me of Lava lamps… Hmm guess you can figure I’m an ‘old hat’. Nice art – thanks for brightening up my screen Bella.

    Haha! The second one i was going for a lava lamp. Success! Thank you(: -Bella(:


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  6. Diddums says:

    “Oh yes!” from me too. 🙂


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