Daily Stone #2

Know there are those
who do not like
Autumn’s seeming ease
and loose dishabille.
She puts on
her best and brightest
only to toss it aside
so she can climb
into bed
and do whatever.

Elizabeth Crawford  10/2/11

Note: The photo was a complete accident. I pulled over to the curb to get the image, decided to leave the street sign in, and didn’t realize that the sign said, “Autumn Lane” until I got home and uploaded it to my computer. Love that synchronicity.


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4 Responses to Daily Stone #2

  1. Tilly Bud says:

    That was lucky!


  2. Oh this is hilarious, Elizabeth!!!!! I SO LOVE IT!!!!! So she can climb into bed and do whatever……just what I do, like the bears, come winter. (but all I do is sleep!)


  3. Mary says:

    Hmmm, I had pictured ‘doing whatever’ as being something else more risque. Tee hee. Enough said.


  4. anl4 says:

    I like it!


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