Stone #28 aros

For A River of Stones: One Daily Observation

draws the eye,
attracts attention.
Dares to risk,
to take a chance.
Sometimes even saves
the best
for last.

Elizabeth Crawford  7/31/11


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4 Responses to Stone #28 aros

  1. Libby says:

    This is such a beuatiful picture and your words really comlement it well, thank you.


  2. Jae Rose says:

    Standing out as an individual is hard..I love the end of your piece…like something good erupting from the soil…Jae


  3. I love “saves the best for last”…it sure seems that way with humans, our best selves right before the fire goes out. Sigh. But what a way to go, hey?


  4. Renee Espriu says:

    Nature can seem so untouched, even pristine, as in this flower. Individuality…a topic dear to my heart.


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