Stone #23 aros

For A River of Stones: One Daily Observation

For Marietta

Am stunned
to the stillness
of stone,
missing you.

Elizabeth Crawford  7/26/11



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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here:
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12 Responses to Stone #23 aros

  1. anl4 says:

    Yes, I think you are right, stone is a good image of stillness.


  2. julespaige says:

    Stones may be still, but they can tell tales if you listen…


  3. lifeunderacarolinamoon says:

    I love this Elizabeth! I love the whole stone idea and am thinking seriously of participating! Sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while. I’ve been busy living life…


    • 1sojournal says:

      Do you have a blog I can visit? I did the January stones and really haven’t stopped since. This time I’m using photos. Have done several other things as well. It really is a good practice to get into.

      And I understand. Life has a way of letting us know how important it is,



  4. lifeunderacarolinamoon says:

    Oh. This is Libby. Formally — luvmoons…


  5. earlybird says:



  6. 1sojournal says:

    Thanks Earlybird, it was sudden and hit rather hard. It will take a bit to get my feet back in working order,



  7. Tilly Bud says:

    Your best, I think. From your grief, you tell a great truth.


  8. julespaige says:

    Elizabeth, Passing out stones… a wonderful tool for inspiration. I may just have to go to my creek bank and pick a stone … and listen!


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