Stone #20 aros

For A River of Stones: One Daily Observation

memories are concrete
boulders, stones
that shore up
shifting sands
of inmost
tender places.

Elizabeth Crawford  7/22/11


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10 Responses to Stone #20 aros

  1. Oh I so love this one. I am a big Rock person. Love the image and your words suit it to perfection.


  2. Susannah says:

    I agree with and echo all Sherry said. I loved this Elizabeth. 🙂


  3. anl4 says:

    Yes, I love rocks. I consider some rocks my best friends. Often when I am hiking, some rocks “blink” at me, and ask me to carry them, I do, and sometimes I bring them home and add them to other rocks I think they will get along with. It’s hard for them to walk, they have no feet… or they are all feet. They do “shore up shifting sands.”


  4. Renee Espriu says:

    Certainly some memories can be that way. I use to have lots of walls but find now (perhaps it is age) they no longer have the purpose they once did. Love your imagery on this one, Elizabeth.


  5. earlybird says:

    and sometimes memories are much less concrete!

    nice images, Elizabeth


    • 1sojournal says:

      Earlybird, some memories are more than a bit slippery, while others are rough hewn stone. Each one significant for its own purposes. Thanks for stopping by,



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