Mandala Stone #25

Nine blossoms float
in sea of light
and periwinkle blue,
true to themselves
and to one another.

What do they tell us
about life, about living?
They flourish
right where they are,
satisfied to share
whatever they are,
have to offer
to the world.

Giving freely
without thought
or care
that their gift
is received.
They exist,
that is enough.

Elizabeth Crawford  6/25/11

Mandala Stone #25: Mandala designs were created by Marc Bove, and his site Le Mandalarbre, may be found here: 

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3 Responses to Mandala Stone #25

  1. Jae Rose says:

    I love the opening you are taking us into the pattern..and well, that ending, the biggest lesson to behold..beautiful words..i love this series..Jae


  2. Libby says:

    Another beautiful mandala, beautiful described. Like Jae I love the way the firrst line leads into the pattern.


  3. “They exist, that is enough.” And it is. Loved this.


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